Starlab Space adds Palantir as strategic partner on commercial space station effort

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June 20 2024

Starlab Space is a commercial space station developer that added Palantir Technologies as a partner to utilize its artificial intelligence capabilities for space station operations support. Palantir will develop a digital twin to optimize the way that space stations are managed and operated. The goal of the joint venture is to launch a commercial space station that will serve NASA, other space agencies, and commercial customers. Commercial space stations are an emerging technology.

This article does not mention cybersecurity in the development or modeling of this emerging commercial space station. As an emerging commercial provider of space stations, Starlab should consider cybersecurity effects in order to protect the new functions of its system. Competitors such as Vast and Gravitics are also working on commercial space system concepts and could be considered threats as they may be interested in learning what concepts Starlab is using for their system. Starlab will also be used for NASA and other space agencies. Threats who are interested in the data that NASA and other space agencies are collecting in the space station may be interested in intercepting data that is downlinked. Modeling the interception of downlinked data is something that Palantir could incorporate into its digital twin modeling.