Signal Hijacking

Name of the Spacecraft/SystemTipology of targetCOSPAR IDSATCAT idDate of the EventConsequenceNotes/detailsSources
HBO satellite TV network - Galaxy 1 satelliteSatellite1983-065A1415827-Apr-86Temporary failureDisrupted uplink and displayed messages for 4 to 5 minutes of HBO on US East Coast
SINOSAT systemSatellite constellation———Sep-2002Temporary failure“Television signals illegally broadcast by the Falun Gong cult cut into transmissions using the Sino Satellite (SINOSAT) from June 23 to 30, blocking the World Cup finals for viewers in some rural and remote areas in China.”                                      
AsiaSat satelliteSatellite20-Nov-04Temporary failure“On Saturday evening, television programmes promoting Falun Gong appeared on the feed beamed into China from a satellite owned by the Hong Kong company AsiaSat.”
AsiaSat 3SSatellite1999-013A2565714-Mar-05Temporary failure