OneWeb’s Future Security Pains

Who’s Responsible for Security?

In an article on September 8, 2021 authorJason Rainbow described the teaming of AT&T and OneWeb to deliver “fiberlike” coverage across the United States. The article mentions that the largest shareholder in OneWeb is an investment company made up of a wide array of international organizations including the British government and a South Korean company called Hanwha. The same article sites another announcement made by OneWeb introducing Chris Moore as vice president of international government and trade engagement to its government and regulatory affairs team citing his “deep cyber-security background” as a major asset.

This combination of news surprised me as there was no mention about the cybersecurity implications of the scale in services that will be available thanks to the new AT&T and OneWeb relationship. I assume the ambition of the partnership will be to expand government relationships and contracts in the US, but there was explicit mention of the heavy foreign interest in OneWeb. Further, the mention of the new VP’s cyber expertise is a nod towards the major security concerns OneWeb has to still overcome, but does not provide any further guidance on their security plans.

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