Research Roundup

In this post (and similar ones to come), links to articles will be accompanied by a TLDR to quickly get you up to speed on relevant topics.

Microsoft Expands Its Space Cloud With New SES-Boeing MEOsats

Microsoft is attempting to expand Azure by partnering satellite firm SES to offer “Satellite network as a service”. Azure angles to enhance space security by mediating traffic between government assets and the outside network.

Amid Space Race, Cybersecurity And Resiliency Remain Concerns: Experts

Space experts highlight critical areas of focus for security: legacy government systems with security concerns, an explosion of new assets creating a large attack surface, and the vulnerability of the space industry supply chain.

Distributed Maritime Operations: Making Ships, Subs, And Platforms Nodes On A Network

Raytheon showcases the SPY-6, a modular radar that fits inside a stackable box. The system is being deployed to 7 ship classes, with plans to expand the network to underwater assets and autonomous vehicles to assist connectivity across operation domains.

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