Space Force Counter Communication System Upgrade

  1. Space system problem
    1. Vulnerable communication link
  2. Summary
    1. L3 Harris wins $120 million contract to upgrade Space Force electronic jammers
    1. U.S. Space Force funds initiative to advance Counter Communications System. 
    1. The Counter Communications System (CCS) was founded in 2004 to thwart other countries’ electronic warfare jammers that were being used on American satellites.
    1. L3Harris Technologies will upgrade the CCS capabilities which will directly impact the offensive measures available at a multitude of Space Force public and private bases.  The company aims to upgrade a ground-based communication jammer to block adversarial nation state transmissions.
  3. Cybersecurity implications
    1. These are positives for the United States.  Other countries have had this capability but due to the nebulous space warfare governance, the U.S. have maintained a spectator while other countries advanced their space-warfare proficiency. 
    1. The U.S. can use this to now perform attacks on adversarial nation-states’ communication links, which is the intended target.  This will open the door to communication interception and further cyber-attack techniques.
  4. Most impacted
    1. Communication links and intelligence conveyance.