Space Force’s Hidden Weapon Revealed

  1. Communication link
  2. Summary
    1. Space Force satellite jammers would shut down enemy communications temporarily
    1. U.S. officials confirmed that China and Russia are creating weapons designed to interfere with U.S. space assets
    1. To counter these threats, the Space Force has publicly revealed their plans to develop electronic jammers to interrupt adversarial communication signals.
    1. By using these Counter-Communications Systems (CCS), developed March 2020 by L3Harris, the U.S. looks to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum and protect U.S. warfighter operations by denying adversaries the ability to use their space assets.
  3. Types of attacks
    1. The CCS will enable attacks directed towards adversarial nation states who plan to use new technology to harm U.S. space assets.  It is probable for adversary space assets to tail those of the United States and communicate the approximate location to the respective ground station.  The U.S. will react by blocking this communication, hence blocking adversary‚Äôs access to critical networks and further protecting the U.S. critical systems.
  4. Impact
    1. Adversarial communication links will be the most impacted.  It has been reported that the CCS has the ability to temporarily jam signals.  The effects are reversible and are designed only for temporary disruption.  As such, they will be used primarily as a means to ensure covert operations remain undetected.