Space Force War Games Heighten Arms Race Tensions

In the wake of a recent 10-day war-gaming experiment conducted by the United States Space Force, commentators consider the increasing risk of sparking a space arms race. Exercises modeled the use of both kinetic and electronic warfare tactics against United States assets. This program echoes the activities of the Strategic Defense Initiative, nicknamed “Star Wars”, which began in 1983 and is credited as playing a role in the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

As the United States urges allies to participate in counter-space exercises aimed against Russia and China, the push for ‘space superiority’ may fuel geopolitical instability and catalyze the militarization of space. Commentators highlight the lack of treaties and norms drawing the boundaries for space warfare as a major contributor to the uncertainty around global military efforts. Because none of the major players in the space arms race are willing to relinquish any advantages they currently hold, finding this common ground may prove an herculean task.