Vast Space to Develop Artificial Gravity Space Station

Vast Space is a Southern California startup founded by McCaleb, plans to establish an artificial-gravity space station in the low Earth orbit. McCaleb makes an assumption that millions of people are living in the solar system in the future. McCaleb also thinks that the primary steps will be creating and building a large structure system that can be appropriate for human to live and work in the space.

As McCaleb mentioned, initially, vast’s greatest near-term challenge was to build a world-class engineering team that can attack any situations or problems. 

Now, the engineering team is set up, and the company has about 20 employees including a vice president for construction and facilities, a system engineer, a human factor engineer and a robotics program manager. After McCaleb solved the manpower and financial problems, he led his team to mostly concentrate on solving problems that standing in the way of moving people further into the solar system.

But they also want to build a machine shop where national and private sector astronauts can repeat and model things in orbit. Eventually, their contributions can enable something like a way station for human habitation that orbits the moon – maybe even other planets such as Mars.

McCaleb realized the biggest challenge in creating spinning structures, like managing and controlling momentum. Besides, Vast also encounters some additional challenges associated with transportation and testing. It has more challenges for them to test their modules on Earth rather than in space. In this case, they must contend and overcome with Earth’s gravity. Even though they meet many troubles, they still continue to explore new frontiers, and push those frontiers to expand human’s habitat into the vastness of the space.