Do you know ?#2 You can access to Apple satellites

What happened?: hacker hijack a satellite to brodcast movies
When ?:7th of september
who is impacted: every user of iphone 14

orbit concerned: LEO the lowest orbit near earth, it let to have a low response time but need a lot of satellite. it is the smallest orbit with the most satellite
during the last keynote apple presented a new fonctionality, you can send message or call thanks to a satellite, it is limited in united states and canada. It can be usefull for emergency call in zones without connexion.
in good conditions an emergency message can be sent in fifteen seconds.
For this feature apple has sent his own satellite constellation, named Iridium and composed of 66 satellites.They spent 450 millions dollard to do it
However, it turns out that Apple is effectively launching its own satellite constellation to power this feature — and spending a whopping $450 million to do it.
Due to the massive investissement, we can suppose that this is only the first step for apple in the world of satellites.
Even if it seems to be a good idea, the features have many confidentiality issues, satellites are not the best for cybersecurity, as we saw with recent attacks, which may lead to issues with data confidentiality.

Experts analyze the issue and conclude:
Adding millions of consumer mobile devices to these networks increases this risk, in order for everyone to democratize these features it will be important for the industry to recognize that this technology is not a silver bullet, and collaboration is required to protect these services.


author: Alexandre khalfallah