Space Force shifting resources to intelligence and cybersecurity 

The U.S. Space Operations Command is assigning cybersecurity and intelligence specialists to work side-by-side with satellite operators so they’re better prepared to protect U.S. systems from electronic and physical threats

In response to Pentagon concerns about Chinese and Russian anti-satellite weapons, the Space Force also is adding intelligence detachments to satellite operations units to ensure operators get accurate information about possible threats,

I believe this is important because it recognises the importance of cybersecurity in satellite defence. It shows the willingness of the United States to consider cyber risk as a critical risk factor when it comes to space systems. It will also streamline the processes US has to tackle cyberattacks and make them leaner, allowing for faster response times.

Ultimately a strong security posture when it comes to space systems is paramount as all of the other critical infrastructure depends on that, and acknowledging cyber risk to be a valid risk factor, and taking steps towards strengthening them is a good step.

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