Do you know ?#3 Iran will use satellite to fight against the government

What happened?: Elon musk help iranian to get internet access thanks to starlink
When ?:september 20th
who is impacted: every Iranian people


recently there were many manifestations in Iran because of a type of police who has to apply sharia.
they arrested 22 years old woman who is dead some days later in jail. following this incident, many women express their outrage and burn their veils.
To calm the people, the government has limited internet access. Following that decision, Elon musk told he will help the population with his Starlink satellites.
thanks to him the population can access the internet without restrictions.


Musk to seek exemption from Iran sanctions for Web access – The Washington Post

Elon Musk offers Iranians uncensored internet access | Financial Times (

author: Alexandre khalfallah