Viasat sells tactical data communications business to L3Harris for $1.96 billion

This week I found an article about Viasat selling their tactical data communications business to L3Harris (  This part of the company is focused on Link 16, which is a data network used by the US, NATO, and other allies.  It is line-of-sight based, so a LEO satellite network would extend its capabilities.  Most of this article talks about business issues such as selling price, estimated profits, number of employees affected, etc.  It does also mention that L3Harris has been working as a subcontractor for Viasat on the Link 16 project.  This is important because they have already seen the project to a certain extent, and can easily expand their current operations to manage the project.  The Space Development agency, which was also just finished it’s integration into the Space Force (, is also currently contracting out a LEO com network that would have Link 16 radios in every satellite.  Having two systems would be a benefit to the system, as it provides redundancy against bad actors, meaning that if one system has a vulnerability, the other may not, and will keep the system running.  This goes against what I said in my video, which is that one may keep the other from being created, but after further thought I think that this is a much better option.  Another security concern with the news is that Viasat had the security issue with their modems earlier this year, and L3Harris will need to make sure that any vulnerabilities that carried over from Viasat reusing code are patched.