Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month 

https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/10/04/dread-sincerity-comedy-cybersecurity-awareness-month/ – (The above article may be behind a paywall. Apologies in advance, I actually do pay for the Washington post) 

Happy cybersecurity awareness month.  Are you cringing too at that title? The above article goes into a social commentary about this cyber “holiday”. Is it useful or is it going through deaf ears. One thing is for certain, it’s creating memes.

And while most cyber professionals want to spread awareness of cyber risks, our cynical society may just approach it as another compliance training. 

If normal industry approaches cybersecurity with hubris, cynicism, or plane ignorance, why does the space industry treat it any differently.  After all “space is hard” as it is. If someone is actually doing rocker science, then they can browse the internet safely right? 

Thoughts like this can be dangerous to a growing space industry. A cultural emphasis should be shared between security and really cool space stuff. Until then there is the risk that some rocket scientist may share his “Apollo69” password for the whole world to exploit.