Space Force: Cislunar Domain Awareness

By spring 2023, the Space Force will have capabilities to carry out space domain awareness activities in cislunar space. This space encompasses the region from the Earth out to and including the surface of the moon. Given that the United States is going back to the moon this decade, this region is of national importance. Currently, there are other projects that aim to navigate the cislunar region, including the Cislunar Highway Patrol System by the Air Force Research Laboratory.

In terms of security matters, this will demonstrate that the America’s assets in space will be given much more importance than before, which will deter adversaries (to some degree) to attempt to hack our satellites or our assets. Furthermore, it also paves the way for certain cybersecurity standards to be adopted, or certain new cybersecurity standards to be implemented, when launching satellites, especially from the military. Since this region includes LEO and GEO, this will help establish space as a critical infrastructure, since this region is where most, if not all, of our space assets are located.