Space Force in discussions with industry on future market for space surveillance data

Companies in the space domain awareness market are eager to work with the Space Force but need a clearer picture of future demand. One area of interest is space domain awareness, or SDA. The Space Force wants to supplement its own intelligence with data from commercial companies to help satellite operators identify potential threats in orbit.

Companies in this sector of the industry operate ground and space-based sensors that track objects in all orbits, and use artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the data. I believe this has 2 important implications:

  1. US Space force is increasing its reliance on the private sector for national security applications in space
  2. There will be an increase in funding and interest in the private sector for this domain

However, for this to materialise, there needs to be more clarity from the US Space Force about the market, the requirements and the scope of this. The companies need a clearer picture of the future demand, as they need to tell their investors what they are investing against.

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