AFRL developing ‘cyber range’ for space operators-Blog 4

This article discusses the need to create a cyber range for the Space Force to conduct simulated cyberattacks on satellites and ground systems. 

The Air Force Research Lab Information Directorate is planning to develop a training range in space, one that would simulate real-world facilities. 

The concept for the cyber range includes 4 orbiting cube sats and cloud-based ground stations. This would allow cyber folks to “play” on assets designed for this mission.

While this is an interesting idea to develop a “space range” by providing an area to conduct wargames, adding to an already growing number of satellites does present some challenges.  One question that comes to mind is “are there no assets currently in orbit, not fulfilling a mission and could be used instead?” What is to prevent this “space range” from not becoming a target itself? Could it be used as a weapon?

AFRL developing ‘cyber range’ for space operators – SpaceNews