Air Force Research Lab Develops ‘Cyber Range’ For Space Operators

With the recent push in cyber defense, the AFRL is using experimental CubeSats in the space domain for cybersecurity exercises. The purpose is to simulate cyberattacks on ground and space systems, as the U.S. military is concerned about its assets in space being targeted.

This is a stark difference from space system cybersecurity practices because this is an operation using actual satellites in orbit. Planning to launch in 2024, this test will have a much stronger impact on cybersecurity practices in space. Potential users of this system could be Space Systems Command, Space Development Agency, and other Space Force organizations. With tests like these in space, it would pave the way for next generation cybersecurity standards to be placed on U.S. assets in space as well as potential commercial satellites. Hopefully, this test demonstrates how significant our critical cybersecurity practices are in space, military as well as commercial, and how paramount it is to protect our commercial and military assets.