Do you know ?#5 cubesats will be used to create a training environment for space-related cybersecurity exercises

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) plans to use experimental cubesats to create a training environment for space-related cybersecurity exercises.

Air Force’s Information Directorate strives to create cyber access for the Space Force and other organizations to conduct realistic exercises that simulate cyber attacks on satellites and ground systems.

In response to this request, AFRL is in the process of developing a prototype training field that will replicate the satellite’s main control center. While the Defense Department has several training centers for electronic warfare exercises, Parsi said, there is nowhere where military researchers and operators can maintain satellites with real satellites in orbit.

AFRL works with Stephenson Stellar Corp. Together, a non-profit research firm in the field of cyber security. Last year, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, received a $22.7 million contract to develop the Stellar Space Cyber ​​Range.

AFRL developing ‘cyber range’ for space operators – SpaceNews

author: alexandre khalfallah