China Launches 3 Spy Satellites Into Orbit

According to the Chinese State Media, China has launched 3 Yaogan satellites into orbit. A type of remote sensing satellite, the Yaogan satellites are military reconnaissance satellites, known to primarily support the People’s Liberation Army. The Chinese State Media has said that these satellites are primarily used for land surveys and architecture, although Western experts believe that these satellites could be used for imagery. In regards to recent events happening around the world, it becomes more paramount that the United States vigorously pursue cybersecurity implementations on its satellites. China has already demonstrated of its prowess to take down a satellite in low Earth orbit from a ground based missile. Additionally, Russia was also expected to launch a mystery satellite this past weekend, EMKA-3. Considering that Russia and China are allies and two of America’s biggest adversaries, the need for resiliency for our space systems escalates to the level of national importance.