Review of National Defense Strategy – US 2022

The US department of defence released the unclassified version of the Nation Defense strategy last week. The strategy involves building a resilient and redundant space network for the US space systems.

One of the most critical aspects of the document is the emphasis on the cyber aspect of space. DOD acknowledged that with the technological advancements in space through other countries, it had become essential for them to take at most steps to make a safe space operational place for them. 

The document forecasts the decades-long competition with China and lays out priorities for the military going forward. The policy asks for expanded use of commercial space technologies to strengthen U.S. security and warns that China and other adversaries are likely to target American satellites in a conflict to hinder the military’s access to essential services.

Pentagon plans to integrate commercial technologies into military space networks and build a multi-layer satellite network for missile surveillance and defence. Because rivals are developing and testing faster-burning, dimmer, and more manoeuvrable missiles, the concept of a multi-layer network has emerged. The Department of Defense is establishing a network with formal partnerships among missile warning, missile tracking, and missile defence acquisition organisations for more excellent delivery of integrated and resilient sensor-to-shooter capabilities to better understand the multi-layer network that the document highlights.

The document also highlighted that the department would focus more on collaborations with commercial organisations developing space technology; the idea is to leverage the same and use it for security and space advancement. 

In the end, the idea for releasing the document was to make the world aware of how concerned the country is about space and its security with the other players who want to disrupt the play.