For the next assignment my goal is to show you how i can animate a presentation and the whle story telling i can put in it to you can tell me how i can improve it. i like to do very extravagant presentations, i could not do it during the mini lesson because we were as a team but i will do it for next assignment. My goal is that you can evaluate my skills for making everything fun, different and interresting, i am taking that course to be a good teacher, not a good speaker for presentations.

Purdue University is breaking new academic ground by streamlining student preparation for dual workforce needs in the space and aerospace industries. His new Purdue Aerospace Cyber ​​security course provides invaluable cyber-domain security skills to engineering students and aerospace engineering expertise to computer science and cybersecurity majors.

This course was created in response to requests from industry.

This course is structured around real-world problem solving. Using problem scenarios provided by industry members, his team of five to seven students work on solutions alongside Purdue lecturers and industry mentors. Equally important to the course, however, is peer-to-peer learning.
“We want students to learn from peers outside their normal domain,” he says Rasmus. “Students in cybersecurity, computer science, data science, industry, aerospace, and mechanical engineering will learn from each other as they tackle specific industry problems.”

In the current first semester of the course, students will work on a Boeing-sponsored project to develop algorithms that use industry-accepted principles of aeronautical engineering while addressing measurable cybersecurity needs. I’m in. “A cybersecurity student, for example, can easily address cyber risks with the addition of specialized equipment,” Rasmus said. “But for aeronautical platforms, this recommendation also needs to take into account whether the weight of the equipment requires engine adjustments, or whether the passenger seat needs to be removed or space impacted on fuel efficiency. This project-based course has the potential to provide new technical solutions to the space or aerospace industry while preparing students to work individually and as part of a development team as part of post-university employment. We provide a comprehensive education for able-bodied students.”

Purdue faculty and members of industry are looking for ways to grow and expand the aviation cyber education initiative for new hires. Accreditation programs are being considered for the short term.

author alexandre khalfallah

source :Purdue University offers aviation, space cybersecurity course – Aerospace Manufacturing and Design