DARPA’s robot could start servicing satellites in 2025

This week I found an article on spacenews.com (https://spacenews.com/darpas-robot-could-start-servicing-satellites-in-2025/) that was describing how DARPA has designed and tested a robotic arm that they want to use to service in orbit satellites.  It’s the first of two arms being built to attach to a satellite that will service other satellites.  This includes using a camera and lighting to visually inspect other satellites, upgrade, and repair other satellites.  Their first mission, expected to launch in 2024 and began operations in 2025, will be to service Australia’s largest satellite operator, Optus.  The spacecraft, whose body is being designed ang built by Northrop Grumman, will use it’s electric propulsion to get to GEO, and attach propulsion jetpacks to three of the satellites, expanding their service life by up to 6 years.  Some of the cybersecurity risks that need to be considered for this mission are ensuring the security of the replacement components that will be attached to the older satellites.  This includes making sure that FSW and Avionics units on the replaced units are secure, and that the spacecraft it’s self is secured against threat actors, since a mobile unit with arms and the ability to move to other satellites could be a huge issue if in the wrong hands.