Space Force lays out timeline for 2023 rapid-response launch experiment

This article is a follow up to my previous post about how the space force is looking for building capabilities to launch a space vehicle in a 24 hour notice in event of an emergency.

A contract was awarded to Firefly Aerospace and Millennium Space last month by the US Space Force to launch a mission within 24 hours. Space Safari is an office the Space Systems Command established last year to figure out faster ways to field technologies. This will be Space Safari’s second attempt to demonstrate “tactically responsive space,” a capability that Congress has insisted the Space Force should have in case U.S. satellites are shot down in a war.

“The timeline definitely is ambitious,” Birchenough, the person overseeing Space Safari quoted. “But we think the warfighter really needs this,” she said. “In a time of conflict, if you can’t respond to a threat or augment your capabilities within that 24-hour period, it might be too late. So that’s really what we’re trying to get after and demonstrate with Victus Nox.”

The entire industry seems to be watching intently at the developments in this domain. If this succeeds, it will give the US a significant edge when it comes to protecting their critical infrastructure in space in event of a war.

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