Boeing’s Anti-Jam Satellite Payload On Track for Launch in 2024

Boeing has developed an anti-jamming satellite communications payload for the Space Force, which is on track to launch in 2024. Operating at geosynchronous Earth orbit to be compatible with military terminals with stationary antennas, this prototype in every simulation has mitigated adversary attacks, even when the user was close to the interference source. Northrop Grumman had also won a contract to design this payload called Protected Tactical Satcom Prototype, which the Space Force will test in orbit to assess if it can provide secure communications in potential war scenarios, when U.S. networks could be targets to electronic and cyber attacks.

This is a great step in furthering space systems cybersecurity, with private companies and the U.S. government being actively involved. Furthermore, Northrop Grumman and Boeing are some of the biggest aerospace companies in the United States and to have huge contracts worth $253 million and $193 million, respectively, signals that this is also driving the economy, in terms of defense. Furthermore, this payload is scalable and hostable on both government and/or commercial satellites. This shows great promise towards the future, where we can hopefully envision all of our commercial assets being protected to this degree as well.