LEOcloud and Axiom Space cooperate on edge processing in space

This week I read an article about starting space based cloud services (https://spacenews.com/leocloud-and-axiom-pact/).  The article specifies how the startup LEOcloud is collaborating with Axiom Space to create  a cloud system architecture in space.  At first I thought that this would be useless, as communication lag isn’t a deal with earth orbits.  Then I realized it was less about the lag and more about the availability.  Spacecraft can only communicate with ground stations, and that time is limited, so having constant connection to the internet is not something that happens.  A space based cloud system would give spacecraft and astronauts in space constant access to a cloud storage system, and terrestrial systems could contact as needed.  This of course, makes it susceptible to threat actors who either connect a spacecraft to the system to begin their attack, or to receivers on the ground.  As we spoke about last week, someone with access to the data on the cloud would be able to alter data or communications before they were seen by their intended customers.