U.S. Space Command supports use of ‘responsive launch’ to deter China and Russia

For this weeks lesson I read an article on spacenews.com (https://spacenews.com/u-s-space-command-supports-use-of-responsive-launch-to-deter-china-and-russia/) which speaks on the idea of the government working with commercial launch companies on the ability to have fast turnaround operations, also known as ‘tactically responsive space’.  It features several quotes from Gen. James Dickenson, who is the head of U.S. Space Command, speaking on how the military needs to be able to react quicker to threats.  This includes rapid software updates, and responsive launches that can quickly augment constellations or replace damaged/destroyed satellites.  This would be especially needed in a conflict, as being able to quickly replenish assets would make it ‘costly for adversaries to deny the U.S. access to satellites”.  The biggest issues I can foresee in a case such as this are the same things we normally talk about in this blog, including security around components during production to ensure there are no hardware that has been compromised, and ensuring that our ability to deliver software updates stays encrypted an inaccessible to threat actors.  Although it is a positive that he wants to ensure that updates can be rolled out to spacecraft, since most spacecraft don’t receive updates to prevent bricking them.