SpiderOak Promises Cybersecurity for New and Old Space Systems

Cyber technology company SpiderOak is receiving $16.4M to complete on-orbit testing for a new-gen cybersecurity product called OrbitSecure 2.0.  This new software aims to be “backwards compatible with legacy space systems, to allow current on orbit systems to take the step to much higher cybersecurity protections.”  Any satellite program actively utilized by the US Department of Defense or commercial sector could potentially benefit, especially seeing as malicious cyber activity in space and on the ground is already a reality – see Symantec Corp’s intrusion by hackers in China in 2018.  

SpiderOak gained recognition by developing a “commercial zero-trust technology” with five unique patents.  Zero-trust technology is a security model requiring “all users, whether in or outside the organization’s network, to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated.” The SpiderOak system includes automatic self-enforcement, ensuring all data is safeguarded.

SpiderOak recently moved headquarters to Reston, VA, and is on track to performing qualification testing. With recent global power tensions continuing to ramp up, SpiderOak should work quickly to fill the gaps in the demanding space cybersecurity infrastructure and preserve our way of life. While it is good that SpaceOak is securing more funding, the question remains: how well will flight heritage testing perform and will the DoD or commercials programs pay for this service?