Cyberspace Power is a key enabler of Space Power

“You have no space power without cyber power” says Colonel John Smail as quoted in the article “Cyber Security – Critical Even in Space” (iHLS 2023).  To enable communications and control, operations, and support of space assets, there is a need to integrate cyber operations into all of these areas.  Cyber operations cannot be subservient to the actual systems as this creates vulnerability risks in operational availability and spacecraft health.  This is similar to the way an air force will send in support planes with defensive and offensive capability to protect, defend, and enable the key mission aircraft to perform its mission.  Unlike the aircraft that can fly independently of its wingmen, satellites require cyber capabilities to function and perform its mission- without, it’s a floating piece of metal and wires in space.

According to the article, the U.S. Space Force is rolling out cyber-enabled space operations where cyber squadrons will be embedded in space deltas to provide both offensive and defensive cyber capabilities for space missions (iHLS 2023).  This will allow organic interaction and operations of cyber capabilities to the platforms rather than having them managed through outside units or even military services.

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