China vs SpaceX Starlink

China is going to begin launching satellites into LEO to prevent SpaceX from taking up potential space that could benefit the Chinese, the constellation will potentially have 13,000 satellites. The projects name is called “GW,” which has similar purpose as SpaceX’s Starlink satellites, which is to provide internet services. Additionally, the GW is could and most likely have the capability to be able to spy on other networks, incoming and outgoing traffic, and potentially anti-Starlink missions.

The anti-Starlink payload has potentially capabilities of, “close-range, long-term surveillance of Starlink satellites.” China also has intentions of building additional powerful radar systems to track and identify Starlink satellites. These satellites, not known about quantity, would be carrying new advanced weapons that has the ability to disrupt and destroy Starlink satellites that fly over China or regions China does not want satellites to flyby.

The satellite internet is going to be fully state owned by China. Which means that they will have full command and control of the satellites. Recently, the news broke out about the Chinese balloon flying over the United States could potentially be used as a spy craft with payloads and capabilities remain unknown. How will having up to 13,000 LEO satellites orbiting over the continental United States impact our means of satellite communications. Most importantly how will this impact the security of SpaceX when the GW has put in place countermeasures used to combat Starlink constellation.