Space ISAC forms group to examine security threats in cislunar space


Space ISAC is currently forming a group called the “cislunar affinity group” to focus on security threats in the cislunar domain. With the Artemis program currently being a huge focus in civil space, the security of the cislunar domain is especially important.

Space domain awareness sensors were designed with Earth orbits in mind, only reaching up to 36,000km. Not only do these sensors not nearly cover the distance to monitor the cislunar domain, but also were not designed to follow the orbital patterns of satellites in this space. The cislunar domain is mostly “unmonitored and self-reported.”

This group hopes to increase collaboration of cislunar stakeholders and define the role that the government will play in this domain. By establishing the cislunar affinity group, Space ISAC aims to work with both the commercial sector and the government to close security gaps and prevent against threats in the cislunar domain.

In terms of cybersecurity, the cislunar affinity group should have a very positive impact in that space. While this affinity group might not focus purely on cyber, preventing against cyberattacks is one of the main goals of Space ISAC, and will definitely carry over to the affinity group. Protecting the cislunar domain against cyber threats is a must, both because of civil missions like Artemis, as well as National Security missions.