White House Proceeds to Increase Resiliency Towards Assets (Space and Ground)

On March 2, the White House released a notice that highlights Russian and Chinese hackers that are becoming an increasing threat towards the U.S. terrestrial and space networks. The Biden administration is going to be releasing an updated plan for the year about cybersecurity after Russia demonstrated their capabilities during the war with Ukraine, which includes strikes against our satellite networks.

These attempts were to infiltrate Ukraine’s communication satellite infrastructure to be able to intercept commands towards the UAV and military drones. There were also reports of jamming of Starlink communications over the areas of Ukraine.

The new policy would be replacing former President Trump’s plan which was a best practice and not a requirement that the contractors were required to implement. These best practices are basically lessons learned from other companies and are widely adopted, such as: authentication and encryption in command-and-control links, and protection of ground systems, protection against jamming, and many more methods. The changes that the Biden administration has is to proceed with the implementation.

Protecting these assets is going to be essential in the success  of a nation because they can be considered as a critical infrastructure and will provide essential services. Having resiliency to our assets will negate a single attack to taking down the entire critical infrastructure.