OneWeb completes constellation deployment for global broadband

OneWeb is in the mist of finalizing ground stations and has indicated the completion of their “Space Program”. This follows a launch out of an additional 36 satellites, completing their 618 satellite LEO constellation.

Because they offer commercial services, OneWeb likely has substantial surface area for cyber attacks because they lack the functional drivers to overcome the economic hurdle present with increasing cybersecurity. That said, this commercial infrastructure is intended to serve both government and commercial customers. According to OneWeb’s website, their broadband constellation provides connectivity to a number of critical government arms that encompass the armed forces, emergency responders, intelligence and security agencies.

Given the types of government scope for which they cater services, it’s reasonable to think OneWeb infrastructure may be targeted. The potential vectors of attack extend across the launch logistics, the ground segment, space segment, and user segment. Specifically, this includes the substantial quantity of global ground stations they are finalizing, but more subtlety might also include access to the vehicles themselves during a series of commercial launches out of international space ports such as their most recent launch out of India’s Satish Dhawan Space Centre conducted by the commercial arm of India’s Space Agency, the unregulated satellite infrastructure, and the potentially vulnerable new small/lightweight user terminals made by Kymeta.

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