Space Force planning contract award for Digital Bloodhound program in FY24

The United States Space Force (USSF) is planning on awarding a contract for the Digital Bloodhound program to improve detection of cyber threats against space ground facilities such as satellite command and control stations according to an article published by Breaking Defense (Hitchens, 2023).  Falling under the USSF’s Defense Cyber Operations-Space (DCO-S) program, Digital Bloodhound will include both ground system protection as well as space vehicle data link protection development.  As part of the request, Space Force is seeking cybersecurity capabilities which include cyber threat detection as well as cyber threat defense.  In search of vendors for Digital Bloodhound, USSF is holding industry days in Colorado Springs this week to discuss the initiative and outline the plans for the proposal according to Breaking Defense. 

In the article, USSF is requesting $76 million in FY24, an increase from the $28 million asked for in the FY23 National Defense Budget (Hitchens, 2023).  This request is part of a larger $700 million asked for in FY24 for network cybers security operations.  Increased spending on “beefing up” space cybersecurity from the U.S. Government  continues to signal the increasing demands and importance that cyber security plays in space operations.

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