Transition to New Space

With the rapid development of satellites recently it is imperative that the government works fluently with the private sector. New Space is the evolution and development of rapid technologies, methods, and practices that diverge from traditional heritage programs which originated from the government. However, with New Space emerging there will be needs of its collaboration with the government because currently the government still is operating at such a speed that when technology is finally approved it will be considered outdated by the time these technologies will be deployed into theater. Do note that it is crucial that the government protects the assets however not to hinder the success of the new emerging industry. At the same time, New Space is heavily relying on a high level of trust and faith on contractors because with less oversight from the government it will be strictly on the contractor’s capabilities to be able to achieve what heritage programs were able to do without the experience and strict oversight from agencies such as NASA.

It also discusses the topic of security where it is “disproportionately important to free and open societies” to have a well balance investment and awareness of the innovations. It is important how the government handles cyber threats across the government, there should be a baseline that the private sector is able to follow and design with considerations. Also, to bring up the information about how the government is going to address issues about supply chains for semiconductors to not hinder the manufacturing. Cybersecurity threat isn’t just only threat towards disruption but also corrupted data/telemetry coming down. Being able to infiltrate and inject bad intelligence to the field users will result in catastrophic decisions, then that results in trust issues with the intelligence that the field users receive out in theater.