SpaceForce missile-warning satellites drawing congressional attention

Space Force is proposing a budget of $30.3 billion for 2024. It has nearly doubled from fiscal year 2021 when the budget was $15.3 billion. 

The administration is pushing towards more space assets in lower orbits, according to the report by analyst Sam Wilson, of the Aerospace Corporation’s Center for Space Policy and Strategy. Majority of the budget will be allocated to creating the next-generation nuclear command and control system. Nuclear command and control include missile warning infrared sensing spacecraft, as well as satellites that transmit messages to and from nuclear forces and between senior leaders in the event of a nuclear war. $700 million is proposed to enhance the cyber defense of our critical networks associated with space operations. 

This article shows how critical these space assets are to our nations defense. Ukraine war exposed how cybersecurity played a critical roles in war. Russian hackers attacked Ukraine’s communications satellite infrastructure. Starlink communications satellites were jammed. Vista’s KA-SAT satellite internet network was disabled around the region. 

This war has shown that the increased budget towards cybersecurity is not only necessary but paramount. Gone are the days when a handful of countries had space superiority. Higher budget is necessary to keep up with global demand.