New solicitation for 100 communication satellites is issued by Space Force

SDA, Space Development Agency, under the guidance and funding of Space Force has issued a solicitation plan for 100 small satellites to be launched into LEO to provide secure and encrypted communication to users around the glove. These satellites will operate as part of the Transport Layer Trache 2 Constellation and “provide global communications access and deliver persistent regional encrypted connectivity in support of warfighter missions around the globe,” said SDA. This constellation is to be a part of SDA`s proliferate warfighter space architecture which includes communications satellites and missile-sensing sensors.

With proposed launches for 2024 and 2026, these satellites would complete SDA`s proliferate warfighter space architecture, achieving global coverage in secure communication and missile defense capabilities. These satellites are to be connected via optical terminals, employing laser inter-communication technology which makes them more secure.

The cybersecurity implication of this is great. Having secure communication achieve global coverage means data has a more secure link to travel through, increasing offensive capabilities. Likewise, having missile sensors span globally greater increases spying capabilities of the United States Government, further strengthening our offensive cyber capabilities. However, a negative consequence of having this system is that other capable and potentially adversary countries could work to develop such systems, making the United States system less secure.