Space RCO Joins Forces with Hyperspace Challenge =

Recently, the Space Force Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO) has teamed up with the Space Force Hyperspace Challenge in an effort to increase resiliency for space assets. The Hyperspace Challenge Accelerator works to connect businesses, teams, and government innovators in order to engage future technologies and advancements in space. “Advancements in space are driving a paradigm shift on earth that have the potential to be socially and economically transformative,” noted Matthew Fetrow, Space RCO communications manager. “But the space assets enabling these advancements are increasingly at risk. We need to be able to protect these assets from growing threats, and we need to do it quickly.”

This quote from Matthew Fetrow explains why this joint effort is an important task in an area with growing numbers of threat actors. The with from the Space RCO also includes the eventual partnership with nonspace companies that can employ new technologies for use in the growing cybersecurity field. More specifically, the Space RCO is interested in products that can increase space visibility and awareness using threat and hazard awareness capabilities in order to, “quickly and accurately detect and prioritize threats from either ground or space”.

The timeline for the Hyperspace Challenge Accelerator takes place this summer when companies can apply to be formally accepted to attend the challenge. From there, the Space RCO can work to engage with participating companies in order to grow relationships and understand the products and services that will be needed for increasing space systems security moving forward.