Dynetics Enhancing US Army Missile and Space Weapons

Dynetics has been awarded a $124.7 million contract to enhance the cyber security of the US Army’s missile and space weapon systems. The initiative will be centered on Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA), which include cyber operations, electronic warfare, and related management duties. The contract should improve the safety and security of Army Missile and Space Program Executive Office assets against future cyberattacks. Dynetics will facilitate survivability and resilience exercises utilizing “unparalleled assessment and non-attributable testing” techniques to enhance the military’s CEMA effects. The company will execute work at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, the Army Fort Sill Fires Center of Excellence, Alabama, and other US Army test facilities. The contract enables the Army to take advantage of data-centric capabilities and conduct effective operations in contested environments while maintaining an advantage over future adversaries on future battlefields.