LeoLabs and SAIC will develop a platform for space-tracking software

U.S. defense contractor SAIC and space monitoring firm LeoLabs have agreed to jointly develop a space-tracking software platform. The companies are working on a prototype that they plan to roll out later this year. LeoLabs is a commercial provider of space traffic management services and data focused on low Earth orbit. The Koverse data management platform, used by defense agencies and financial services firms due to its advanced zero-trust security features, will be used for the space tracking tool. SAIC’s new data science platform, Tenjin, will be used to analyze data from sources such as the U.S. military’s space-track.org, LeoLabs’ conjunction data messages, and the Space Force’s Unified Data Library. The space-tracking platform aims to support unique government use cases and data access requirements while leveraging LeoLabs’ commercial technology capabilities. The prototype system is expected to be available by year’s end. Potential customers include the Department of Commerce’s space traffic management office, the U.S. Space Force’s space-tracking units, and other government organizations seeking advanced tools to analyze objects in space and improve spacecraft safety. The plan is to provide space visualizations and add features like “machine to machine” messages to predict close approaches in orbit.