Cybersecurity Firm Xage gets $17M contract to promote Space Force networks

Sandra Erwin 9/27/23

Palo Alto, CA firm Xage was awarded 5-year agreement for “zero trust” cybersecurity for Space Systems Command.

Xage has provided work for the DoD in the past. They specialize in zero trust systems for critical systems (e.g., energy, utilities, manufacturing, logistics, defense, and space).

Xage uses special technology – a mesh cybersecurity platform (“zero trust fabric”) that secures data exchanges across multi-layered networks. Instead of allowing access because of network access, every interaction from users and devices is validated. This removes the implicit trust and helps to better secure the system. The system also can isolate portions of the system during a cyber attack.

Is Xage’s solution real or just marketing hype? Details are not known yet. We need to continue to monitor their progress. The good news is that the this shows some commitment to building more secure space systems and should help to advance the U.S. space critical infrastructure.