Riverside Research to Create Analysis of Space Debris for Space Force

A contract upwards of $1.45 million was awarded to the company Riverside Research for the development of automated software to track and warn of space debris for orbiting satellites. Riverside Research will be using existing data provided by missions that map space debris and provide analyzed data to the Space Force. The software will include “an algorithm to automate data exploitation and produce more actionable intelligence” according to the program manager for DEEP-SDA project. The data will be supplied to all DoD and military interested missions. Space debris tracking continues to be an important part of space awareness. As more satellites are launched every year, the junk becomes more complicated and poses a danger to space assets, especially satellites in low earth orbit which is an aim of the new contract. The software project will be delivered after one year as an analytics app on the Space Force’s Unified Data Library. From a cyber security perspective, this data being analyzed is obviously important. There are certain risks with the software and data being stored in a Space Force owned marketplace.

Source: https://spacenews.com/riverside-research-to-develop-software-to-analyze-space-objects-in-congested-orbits/