SDA and SpiderOak Securing Military Satellite Ground Systems

SpiderOak has signed an agreement with the U.S. Space Development Agency to explore the use of its OrbitSecure software suite for enhancing the security of ground systems controlling military satellites. This partnership, established as an Other Transaction Authority contract, permits the SDA to assess the integration of OrbitSecure within the Rapid Resilient Command and Control (R2C2) program, led by the Space Force’s Space Rapid Capabilities Office. R2C2 aims to develop a modern, software-based ground control system for military satellites. SpiderOak’s technology operates on the principle of zero-trust cybersecurity, employing robust encryption where data is secured, and encryption keys are known solely to the client. The specific contract value and performance period remain undisclosed, but SpiderOak envisions a long-term project as they demonstrate OrbitSecure’s capacity to protect satellite operations, as previously proven on a Ball Aerospace prototype payload and the International Space Station.

This collaboration holds significance within the U.S. Space Force’s broader efforts to bolster the security and resilience of communication networks, especially those reliant on space infrastructure. The integration of SpiderOak’s zero-trust cybersecurity measures is intended to ensure secure data transmission and establish backup solutions in the face of potential disruptions by adversaries. Ultimately, the partnership represents a pivotal step towards fortifying the cybersecurity of ground systems that underpin military satellite operations in the increasingly competitive space environment.