Wright-Patt intelligence central to national security in space and cyberspace

In the article by London Bishop, Dayton Daily News, on 10/31/23, the importance of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (“Wright-Patt”) for space and cyberspace is discussed.

Wright-Patt Importance for Space Warfare – During the Ohio Defense & Aerospace Forum 10/30/23 at Wright State University, Air Force Space Force commanders explained the importance of Wright-Patt in national security intelligence, and space cybersecurity in modern warfare. “Roughly about 85% of the space intelligence our nation uses is right here at Wright-Patt,” said Col. Marqus Randall, commander of NSIC. The US Space Force provides critical scientific and technical intelligence to the warfighter to help inform important space warfare decisions.

Our adversaries are doing the same – In 2015, China and Russia both set up similar operations for space, cyberspace, and electronic warfare.

AI – Wright-Patt, and the Dayton-area are researching the use of AI intelligence to support national security.

Finding talent is challenging – Locating a well-trained cyber workforce has been difficult.

Space intelligence is important and Wright-Patt is key as a primary provider of this space intelligence. Our adversaries are doing the same. Locating people that know cybersecurity and can support this mission is difficult.