Next-Generation Cybersecurity Defenses Coalesce for Space Systems

From Article by Thom Fain 10/23/23

The modern cybersecurity threat environment for space systems is a serious concern, as cyber confrontations escalate. Concerns includes growing adversarial activities from China and Russia. The increase in deployed satellites opens up a new attack vectors.

The modern threat environment is a combination of the rapid increase of deployed satellites carrying out critical functions and an increase in attacks on these assets.

Additional effort is taking place to counter this new threat environment including the use of AI, heavier vulnerability testing, increased collaboration, and various government initiatives.

A key part of this approach includes AI solutions. Various companies such as Orbit Communications Systems and their NetShould+ system (AI for real time zero day attacks), SpiderOak’s OrbitSecure cybersecurity technology.

Space ISAC (threat intel sharing organization) is also using AI to interpret the voluminous threat data. A while paper from ISAC explains the details [2].

“U.S. Space Force launched the long-awaited Infrastructure Asset Pre-Approval Program (IA-Pre), which establishes cybersecurity requirements for commercial satellite communications providers working with the U.S. military.”

“The DoD Chief Information Officer John Sherman said earlier this year that the march towards zero-trust cybersecurity systems will continue with a goal line of 2027 for developing a strategy.”

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