Space base Cybersecurity for more than vehicles.

I choose this article to post about because it brings to the center of attention that there is much more than just space born vehicles (ships & satellites) that are operating in the space domain that need to be considered when talking about cyber security. In this instance the article is about lunar based vehicles. Although an older article it still is interesting considering its something that I dont think most people would consider as needing of cybersecurity safeguards.

NASA has selected three companies to continue their efforts for consideration of a lunar rover design. Those companies are Intuitive Machines, Lunar Outpost and Venturi Astrolab. The Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) as NASA has dubbed it is exactly as one would suspect, to ferry people and equipment around the moon. It is not a far leap to assume that there could potentially be some ill intentioned actors would would look to either affect or hinder lunar operations of NASA. Therefore one would assume that the same degree of cybersecurity safeguards that are imposed on vehicles for space such as rockets/ shuttles and satellites would be expected to be used on a LTV.

I am the novice in this field and would welcome any insight into if the difference in distance from a (LEO/MEO/GEO) orbit and the lunar surface places a different, possibly less, emphasis on the need for cyber based security protocols and safeguards.



Eric A.