Viasat to supply satellite terminals for Spain’s maritime surveillance aircraft

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June 27 2024

Spain’s fleet of C295 maritime surveillance aircraft will be using Viasat’s multi-band terminals. Viasat will provide access to its Ka and Ku band satcom terminals that can communicate with constellations in different orbits and frequencies. The terminals will be put onto the C295 aircraft so that they will be able to connect to commercial satellites and Spain’s next-generation military constellation.

This communication system exposes several points of vulnerability. There are entry points to the terminals on the aircraft and to the satellites that the aircraft are communicating with. Space cybersecurity threats include manipulation or retrieval of the data that is sent between the terminals and the satellites. Given that this system has connections to military and commercial vendors, potential threat actors include other nations, insider threats within Viasat, or commercial competitors of Viasat.