Space Common Operating Picture

US Space Command (SPACECOM) is developing a pilot project to enhance command and control by integrating data into a unified common operational picture (COP.) This involves using existing data and systems to improve efficiency without acquiring new capabilities. The pilot is led by SPACECOM’s Director of Digital Superiority, Richard Yu. The main focus is space Domain Awareness. Space domain awareness is currently managed by outdated SPADOC software. General Stepen Whiting emphasized the need for modern software to be capable of utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to handle increasing data volumes. SPACECOM is also exploring “dynamic space operations,” which involve maneuvering satellites across different orbital planes to counter adversary actions. This would require capabilities such as in-orbit refueling for high-value satellites and the ability to operate beyond traditional orbits, enhancing operational flexibility and reducing the risk of surprise.

A COP is crucial when it comes to performing missions in a certain geographical area. This picture allows the admiral and generals to make the important decisions and maneuvers based of Ally and enemy locations. What this pilot program is attempting to do is have the same picture but in space. This picture would allow SPACECOM to merge all known data in space to make operational decision on our satellite to prevent interference or sabotage on the nations high value satellites. This is a direct way the US military is enhancing of physical and cyber security of the US Satellites.