SAIC to build small satellites with startup Rogue Space

SAIC is a $7.4 billion government services technology contractor. Rogue Space is a two-year-old startup company. These two companies designed a cubesat known as Orbital Robot for in-orbit services such as inspection and repairs. SAIC will combine two Rogue cubesats for a planned 2023 task. The primary work of SAIC is to help develop Rogue’s Orbital Robots for space situational awareness, in-space services, and manufacturing.

SAIC and Rogue have unique and rich skills and experience that can support the growing demand for the services in Earth orbit. In this case, they can observe the status of the orbit for a long time and respond to the problem at the first time to make some repairs to ensure the safety of the orbit. Part of SAIC’s space business strategy is to cooperate with smallsat developers that need approachto integration and testing facilities. The Rouge Space mentioned that they can attract more people based on the professional knowledge of SAIC. At the same time, through designing the cubesat, they also look forward to letting more people understand the working principles of some equipment in the space.