Quantum Space announces first cislunar mission


Space situational awareness (SSA) has become an increasing concern for both military and civilian space industries. On the civilian side, as more objects are placed into space, the increased risk of conjunction is combinatorial. On the national security front, increasing space presence from adversaries threatens freedom of operation. With an increasing commercial space existence, these issues will not only persist, but amplify, and propagate beyond low-Earth orbit.

Quantom Space, a recently founded commercial space company, has announced their first mission to cislunar space. The QS-1 spacecraft will carry a dedicated SSA payload, as well as hosted payloads from other third-parties, and serve as an initial demonstrator of Quantom’s ability to navigate and operate within the cislunar environment. Cislunar space plays an important role, providing civilian space operations a staging area for lunar operations, and military assets the ultimate “high ground” for GEO surveillance and operations.