IronNet Launches Cyber Defense Capabilities Into Space

IronNet, a network detection and response company, recently joined the Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center(ISAC). As a Space ISAC member, IronNet is helping the space community to detect and respond to cyber threats. IronNet’s Collective Defense Platform is being leveraged across the space industry’s vast attack surface in order to detect patterns and new, unidentified, cyberattacks in order to take action. The Collective Defense Platform running on AWS can detect anomalous behavior and then deliver intelligence on it to every other participant on the defense platform in order to serve as an early warning mechanism. It can also leverage the large amounts of data in order to correlate anomalies for improved detection.

This is a great partnership with a lot of opportunity to leverage existing cybersecurity detection for use on space systems. Not only are large chunks of space systems terrestrial computer systems that already match IronNet’s capabilities, where a large swath of attacks occur, but IronNet now has the potential to develop their data collection and detection intelligence on space vehicles themselves as well. The community based approach with data sharing is an important step in order to quickly shutdown threat actors not only in one system, but across the board. Breaches will always exist, no system is perfectly secure, and so detection is as important as prevention. IronNet’s membership in the Space ISAC and the offering of its capabilities to the space community is an important leap forward in threat detection and reaction.

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